How to Check Your SEO Ranking?

how to check your SEO ranking

Understanding where your website is in the search engine hierarchy is essential, whether you’re an experienced website owner wanting to improve your SEO approach or a novice entering the world of digital marketing.

You can check your SEO ranking by using Google and tools like SEMrush and Ahrefs. In response to your inquiry, “How to Check Your SEO Raking?” first, let us tell you what SEO is!

Why Are SEO Rankings Important?

The foundation of a successful online presence is search engine optimization, or SEO. Achieving a high ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs) is the key to greater visibility, web traffic, and eventually conversions.

Users often tend to lean towards the top outcomes presented by search engines like Google when seeking information, products, or services.

Beyond just being visible, site ranks achieved through SEO hold substantial importance as they reflect user confidence and relevance.

Contemporary consumers are accustomed to the convenience offered by search engines and inherently place trust in the outcomes presented upfront.

Attaining a higher position informs users that your website serves as a credible hub of information, products, or services, instilling them with assurance and encouraging exploration.

Employing a checker tool such as Google Analytics to monitor and assess check rankings can provide valuable insights into how your website is performing in terms of user trust and visibility.

SEO rankings essentially act as a doorway to online success, letting firms connect with their target market and accomplish their objectives.

Using SEO ranking tools is a certain way to keep track of this; fortunately, we’ve narrowed it down for you; have a look at these tools.

How to Check Your SEO Rankings? (Tool Usage)

Tracking your search engine rankings is a vital activity in the realm of digital marketing. It gives you priceless information on the success of your SEO efforts and aids in determining how visible your website is to users.

To determine whether a specific page or a set of landing pages is performing well, you must first evaluate their current SEO rankings.

Google Search Console

how to check your SEO ranking

Google Search Console, one of many useful Google tools, provides your company with a wealth of data. You can find information in Google Search Console about which relevant keywords drive clicks or impressions, as well as which content types, such as video or text, perform well.

Follow these steps to find your Google keyword rankings using Google Search Console:

  • Access Google Search Console.
  • Navigate to
  • Enter your search term and press “Enter” or click the search button.
  • View the search results and the box labeled “Search performance for this query.”

Google Search Console is the most widely used platform for analyzing SEO rankings. This is how it works:

  • From the upper left menu, select the domain for which you want to check the ranking.
  • Navigate to the Search Results;
  • Find the right-most square; this is your average position over time.
  • Scroll down to Queries to see the keywords you rank for.
  • You can sort by position to find your top keyword for this page.


how to check your SEO ranking

Another tool that will let you help is SEMrush is explaining “how to check your SEO ranking?”

Use SEMrush when you want to do more than just find your search ranking.

This paid Google keyword ranking tool provides your company with a number of additional benefits. You can check your Google ranking, as well as research keywords, analyze backlinks, and monitor algorithm updates, among other things.

SEMrush goes beyond SEO by providing toolkits for paid advertising, social media, and other platforms.

Follow these steps to get started with SEMrush as well as its keyword position checker for Google:

  • Sign in to SEMrush.
  • Choose “SEO Toolkit.”
  • Select “Position Tracking.”

SEMrush is more expensive than other Google keyword ranking tools, such as AuthorityLabs. It is, however, one of the best Google rank checker options due to its extensive features and capabilities.


how to check your SEO ranking

Ahrefs, a powerful SEO tool, offers a quick and accurate way to determine your search rankings.

While Ahrefs is not a free tool for determining your Google ranking, it is an effective one. This is because the platform includes a number of useful tools for auditing your SEO. Ahrefs can help you audit your website, discover new keywords, and target competitor links.

You could use Ahrefs as a Google keyword position checker by following the steps below:

  • Sign in to Ahrefs.
  • Select “Rank tracker.”
  • To add your website, click “+ Add new.”
  • Select your website from the “Rank tracker” drop-down menu.
  • Select “Add keywords.”
  • That’s all!

After you’ve entered your keywords, you can begin tracking their (and your website’s) performance.

All in All, If you’re using a third-party tool like Ahrefs or Semrush, you can check your keyword rank as follows:

  • In the Overview window, type your primary domain name.
  • In the Include search bar, type the keyword. The example below shows SEO analytics keywords.
  • Filter by the keyword’s ranking position.

Now, you have access to the keyword position and also which article or landing page actually ranked on it.

Several SEO tools can assist you with this. They’re commonly referred to as webmaster tools. Google Search Console, SEMRush, and Ahrefs are all excellent tools for this.

You can also use SEO Ranking Google Ranking Checker to track Google rankings in both paid and organic searches. This tool shows how your pages rank for your target queries and their search volume, traffic forecast, and SERP features.

SEO review tools can also include a comprehensive list of free tracking tools. Remember that every free tool is available for a reason, and you should use several of them before proceeding with your SEO efforts; through the usage of these tools, we’ll guarantee that you’ll get the answer to “how to check  your SEO ranking?”

How Do You Keep SEO Tracking?

SEO metrics are used to track SEO progress. You must be aware of your SEO goals in order to determine the most important SEO metrics. In the following paragraph, we’ll go over how to set up goals in greater detail, but for now, let’s focus on the key metrics that most SEO specialists use:

  • Organic traffic – the number of website visitors obtained through SEO efforts.
  • Keyword rankings – the top positions for specific keywords that your website and landing pages rank for.
  • Search visibility – the percentage of clicks received for each keyword on which you rank.
  • CTR – a percentage of search visitors who click on a search result divided by the total number of impressions.
  • Bounce rate – the number of visitors who arrive at your website but immediately leave without interacting with the page.
  • Site speed – search engines prioritize pages that load quickly.
  • Backlinks –  the number of links that exist between two websites.

What Are Keywords And Do They Matter?

How does Google analyze content to enhance search engine rankings? The pivotal aspect in this process revolves around keywords.

Keywords represent the terms inputted into a search engine by users seeking data or websites. Examples of keywords encompass terms like “SEO” and “understanding search engine optimization.”

The Google algorithm meticulously scans through all your web pages. The positioning of keywords, the caliber of content, the domain’s authority, the network of backlinks, and various other factors collectively contribute to the determination of your ranking.

Initiating a solid foundation for SEO involves identifying the keywords that align with your target audience’s search behaviors and seamlessly integrating them within your web pages.

A valuable starting point for on-page optimization is utilizing a complimentary tool to cherry-pick the most fitting keywords for your website.

Arriving at the optimal combination of keywords often necessitates a process of trial and error. It’s important to acknowledge that observing noteworthy SEO changes typically entails several months of consistent effort.

Conducting thorough keyword research, seamlessly incorporating chosen keywords into your website, and subsequently reaping moderate benefits within a few weeks is a plausible scenario.

While keywords certainly play a role in securing a place on the coveted first page of search results, it’s imperative to recognize that a broader range of SEO tactics is imperative.

Keywords continue to serve as the primary conduit through which users explore content on Google. Rather than inputting full sentences or titles, individuals predominantly employ single words or succinct phrases.

These search terms serve as conduits to channel your content or web pages toward new audiences. For e-commerce enterprises, the judicious selection of target keywords holds unparalleled significance. Prospective buyers hinge their quest for products on these keywords.

Extra Tip

The best-ranking factor that will assist you in getting to the top of the search results is quality content. You can optimize your website’s content for SEO, obtain a large number of backlinks, and enhance all technical aspects. However, if your content is not engaging, your site visitors will not interact with it, and search engines will not regard you as an authority. Don’t scrimp on content quality. It will help you climb the ranks.

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