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    6 Reasons You don’t do Blogger Outreach Yourself:

    • You don’t have enough time or skill to spend scraping URL(s) related to your Keywords!
    • Even if you can scrape and gather URL(s) you have no idea how to identify the domains that have outreach pages? (Collaborate, Write for us etc.)
    • Even if you’ve access to outreach pages, you’ve no idea how to email them in bulk?
    • Even if you can email them in bulk you are afraid of a very low response rate.
    • Last but not least you don’t how to bargain them enough to suit your pocket!

    Why does your blogger outreach service focus too much on Organic Traffic?

    Just because if Google has preferred to rank some domain on keywords carrying certain value of traffic, it is the sign that Google is in love with that domain!Let us Go through the Following Blogger Outreach Steps for YOU:


    Search Websites related to your Keyword / Niche

    We’ll do custom research based on your keyword/topic to find out websites (already carrying blog posts related to your keyword/topic) using our in-house scraper tool.


    Filter those Sites Based on your Ordered 'Organic Traffic Range'

    We’ll then filter those sites and keep the ones fitting your order specification related to metrics (DR, RD & Organic Traffic).


    Contact Web Owners

    Our team will contact web owners of all filtered sites and ask if they are willing to provide a permanent dofollow link to your website in exchange of a high quality content of higher word-count (800 words above).


    Deliver your Live Link within 7 to 14 Days

    We’ll then get back to you with your published live link as soon as the article is live. The whole process won’t take more than 7 to 14 working days.


    Search Websites related to your Keyword / Niche

    We’ll shortlist the best traffic site which respond us with the Consent of a Permanent Do~follow Backlink and send them the content!

    (Reseller based) Plans & Pricing



    / post

    For Low Competition

    500+  Organic Traffic / Month
    10+ DR (Ahrefs Domain Rank)
    100+ Referring Domains
    Niche Relevant



    / post

    For Low to Medium Competition

    1000+ Organic Traffic / Month
    20+ DR (Ahrefs Domain rank)
    200+ Referring Domains
    Niche Relevant


    Most Popular


    / post

    Best SERP Booster!

    3K+ Organic Traffic / Month
    30+ DR (Ahrefs Domain Rank)
    500+ Referring Domains
    Niche Relevant



    / post

    Crush your Competitors!

    5K+ Organic Traffic
    40+ DR (Ahrefs Domain Rank)
    1000+ Referring Domains
    Niche Relevant

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