What is Anchor Text in SEO & Its Importance

what is anchor text in SEO

What is anchor text in SEO? What importance does it hold? Is this helpful in the ranking? Find out all here in this article.

The visible text portion of a link that points users to another page is called the anchor text or link text. The goal of an anchor text is to clearly explain to the reader what to expect when they click on a link.

Additionally, anchor text is corroborated by search engine algorithms because it informs them of the relationship between the URL and the link text. This aids the algorithms in understanding the general subject matter of the URL’s content. So, it is safe to say that it is one of the crucial factors when it comes to link building and must not be overlooked.

In this guide, I’ll guide you through every aspect of anchor text, such as:

  • What is anchor text in SEO?
  • How many types does anchor text have?
  • What are the best practices for anchor text in SEO?

So, without any delay, let’s start with our guide.

What is Anchor Text in SEO?

When you click on any website’s anchor text, you can switch between other web pages. The phrase links two entirely separate URLs together. You can download and link to documents on services like Google Drive using anchor text, which also serves as a gateway to many web pages.

What is Anchor Text in SEO & Why Is It Important?

In a link, the anchor text is the element that readers can see and click. Specifically, it goes in the space between the < a href> and <a> anchor tags. For example:

<a href=”https://example.com”>This is an anchor text</a>

Links are essential for SEO; for instance, internal links help search engines understand how your website is structured. The link’s text provides more context for search engines, assisting them in understanding your (internal) links.

When you link to other articles, Google considers the link text to signal the connected page’s subject matter. Google will not be able to determine which article is the most pertinent for the subject and ought to rank for that key phrase if the link text matches your keyword. So, yes, anchor text does affect Google’s ranking.

Link text is crucial for your users and provides context for search engines. The anchor text explains the purpose of a link and directs users to where it leads.

What Does Anchor Text Do?

When you create a link, the language you use as the anchor provides crucial context for both search engines and human readers.

There are two types of links that you may add to your website: internal links that lead to other pages on your site and external links that take the reader to pages on other websites.

In both circumstances, adding descriptive anchor text aids both visitors and search engine spiders in determining the topic of the linked page.

For example, have a look at the image below. The anchor text here is an internal link. You can tell that clicking on the link will lead you to further information about “on-page SEO” by looking at the value.

What is anchor text in SEO

What Is Anchor Text SEO Types?

Generic Anchor

One of the most popular types of anchor text is a generic anchor, which directs viewers to another site. Examples of common and general anchor text include “Click Here,” “Read More,” and “Visit the page.” These are used to transfer people between sites on the Internet or for other purposes, such as instantly downloading a file that is linked to the link.

Exact Match

A specific kind of anchor text, known as an exact match, closely resembles the website to which it is connected and contains the main keyword.

A precise match would be if, for instance, the keyword “Anchor Text” appeared both in the Web page’s content and in the link to a page dedicated to anchor texts.

For example;

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Phrase Match

When you employ phrases to rank them above other relevant keywords, you are using phrase matching. This anchor text creates a phrase that is connected to the term that is being targeted.

Partial Match

A variant of exact match anchor text is a partial match. In partial match anchors, a text version of the keyword (often latent semantic indexing (LSI) keywords) is linked to a web page. As an illustration, a sentence that reads “How to build anchor texts” could link to a website about anchor texts that contain a section titled “How to build anchor texts” in the content.

This is mainly accomplished by utilizing LSI keywords, which are frequently used by search engines to rank Web pages and can significantly enhance their rating. Internal linking can also dramatically raise your website’s ranks.

For example:

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Branded Anchor Text

Branded anchor text in SEO, as the term implies, leverages the name of a brand to direct consumers to a website or Web page. Businesses frequently employ this tactic as part of their outbound marketing plan to bring organic traffic to their website and encourage consumers to interact with their brand. For example, try Outreach.Solutions to row and strengthen your link-building.

On Web pages published on many domains or platforms, a naked link anchor is frequently used to send the user to a page associated with the brand that published the material. As the name implies, a naked link is a URL that serves as an anchor. For example, https://serpreach.com/

Image Anchor

In recent years, this style of anchor text has gained popularity. When you link to an image, search engines read the content in the alt attributes of the picture and treat it as the anchor text.

Long-Tail Anchor

Partial anchor texts and long-tail anchors are pretty similar, except the latter contains more words. These are frequently used as a comprehensive anchor to let readers know exactly where they will land after they click on it.

Subheadings or complete lines, such as “Is It Worth Buying Backlinks Online in 2022?” can serve as long-tail anchors. Businesses frequently employ them to direct customers to the brand page who are interested in purchasing the services or goods the company has to offer.

Relevant Anchor

Different iterations of the major or secondary keywords on a website make up related anchor text. They function somewhat similarly to keywords. However, related anchor texts use the variation of the term rather than the actual keyword.

Building related anchor texts make it much easier for crawlers to comprehend the goal of your URL. By giving the search engine accurate information about your links, it also helps you prevent the possibility of being flagged by Google as having spammy links.

Random Anchors

Many programs for establishing links or analyzing existing links exclude the target keywords from the anchor text. In its place, they substitute random anchors, which frequently belong to the same category as the URL.

What are Anchor Text SEO Best Practices?

There are several efficient ways to ensure that your content’s anchor text is being used correctly. Here are some recommended methods.

Keep a Natural Flow

The usual rule for writing is that it should flow naturally, and anchor text is no exception. Links must flow naturally with the rest of the information on the page when you add them. It should be easy to read and should feel natural.

The link probably does not belong there if it is difficult to read or fits awkwardly. Links are crucial for SEO but should not impede the content’s flow or direct message. The quality of the content should be your primary concern because it is the foundation of all effective SEO strategies.

Maximize Page Relevance

As a result of the search engines’ sensitivity to such little information, relevance plays a significant influence on page ranking. The rating of both pages is improved depending on how precisely the linked page’s content relates to its own. The subject of the source page and the information in the anchor text are what decide it.

Search engines take note of the different anchor texts used to link to the original content and use them to determine the post’s topic and the kinds of keyword or query searches it might be appropriate for.

Keep Your Keyword Density Appropriate

Through Google Penguin, Google keeps a tight check on anchor texts. If a few of a site’s inbound links use the exact anchor text, it increases the risk that these links were not obtained naturally. The ideal strategy is to use anchor text that is particular to the topic and keyword. Instead of using the exact anchor text, you can achieve fantastic results by employing a range of natural anchor texts.

Search engines may flag a page as spam if it contains an excessive number of links with the exact anchor text.

Although links and anchor texts have already been discussed in terms of importance, it is still crucial for marketers to make sure that the link text is clickable.

After choosing the text and pasting the link into the address box, you can add hyperlinks using the shortcut menus. You can use the <a> and </a> tags in HTML. These tags show where the hyperlink starts and ends.

Experiment More

Due to the unique nature of every firm, SEO must also be approached differently. To determine the best plan for your firm, you should regularly test different link-building strategies. For the greatest results, experiment with different keywords, anchor text phrases, nofollow links, etc., to determine your best course of action.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to optimize the image alt tags?

For search engines, alt tags and alt texts are HTML properties applied to images. In addition to serving as anchor text, they provide information about the image to Google bots and readers who are blind.
Alt texts should be descriptive and natural-sounding. Instead of stuffing the Alt tag with keywords, you should pick one primary term and use it.

What does a rich anchor text mean?

Any anchor text with the target keywords is essentially considered to be rich anchor text. These should not be used excessively because doing so could indicate to Google that your content has been too optimized.

Final Words

I have tried my best to cover What is anchor text SEO in detail in this guide? Now, I would just say that for organizations looking to strengthen the SEO status of their web pages, th use of anchor text is essential.

It is always advisable to seek the advice of an SEO service provider or a link-building specialist to ensure that your anchor texts are impactful.