What Are the Top Link Building Services for Lawyers?

Want recommendations for the best link building services for lawyers? This article contains the top 5. Check it out.

Like any service business, word-of-mouth recommendations can’t sustain a law firm; you need more. Hence, the reason for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and link building.

  • But how do SEO and link building work?
  • What are the benefits to law firms?
  • How can you build inbound links to your law firm website and rank high?

This article contains all the answers.

Also, I included recommendations for services you can try if you don’t have time to learn SEO and link building. Let’s go!

Link building for law firms isn’t any different than typical backlink building. The process is the same:

You build backlinks to your money pages from relevant websites — best if they are authoritative (high domain authority) and high-traffic sites.

The only difference is the niche.

In law firm building, like the name, the primary targets are law firm websites or law-related businesses.

And now to the most critical question:

I’ll let you decide from this sample analysis:


Source: generated with Ahrefs Keyword Explorer

Above is the search volume history of the keyword “hire a lawyer.” And so?

The top ranking page on search engine results pages for the keyword rakes in 1.5K organic traffic valued at $5.7K monthly.


At first glance, I thought maybe the page had well-written content. Perhaps that’s why it’s ranking so high.

Then, I checked the page out. Here is what it looks like:


Deductively, the ranking factor is not because of content but backlinks. And for that, the page is over 100.


Backlinks are just as big a deal to law firms online visibility as to other businesses.

Beyond ranking, why else should you build links to your law firm’s website?

Collaboration and Brand Awareness

Building backlinks exposes you to other businesses in the legal industry. In the process, you will build networks of resourceful relationships and bring more awareness to your brand (or the quality of your legal services).

Organic and Referral Traffic

Referral traffic is the visit you get from being featured on other websites. The more backlinks you get, the higher the referral traffic.

Ultimately, your referral traffic will influence your search engine rankings and website traffic.


Generally, link building and SEO builds trust. How so?

  • Other websites and lawyers trust you enough to send a link to your web pages.
  • Google (and other search engines) trusts your content and recommendations (backlinks) from your referring domains.

The chain of trust will eventually spiral down to your leads. They will also trust you to hire your legal services — i.e., conversion/sales.


Only a good link building strategy can achieve the discussed benefits. Otherwise, your site might be flagged as manipulating search results.

So, what are these “good” link building strategies? Are there any ones you can try as a beginner?


HARO, Help A Reporter Out, is a platform for bloggers, journalists, and reporters. They (the writers) get answers, opinions, and quotes from experts and professionals to make their content authoritative.

But how does that help a lawyer get a backlink?

You’ll get a backlink when you provide insightful answers to reporters’ queries.

Here is how that works:

  • First, join HARO as a source
  • Then, select areas that are related to law like this:
  • Check for the query list in your email. It looks like this:

Interestingly enough, HARO is free to use. And since I’ve been using it, I’ve never seen any promotional email. So, it’s less intrusive.

The only issue is getting a response from a journalist. You have to reply as soon as you get the email. Even then, there are assurances.

What can you do?

Subscribe to HARO paid plans. Set keyword alerts for your area of legal expertise. This way, you’ll be notified for unique queries and get notifications before the freemium members. This will increase your chances of a reply.

Like the name, directory link building means getting backlinks from directories. But you can’t just get listed in any random directory in Google search.

Here is what you can do instead:

  • Stick to reputable legal directories
  • Don’t be restricted to only free directories; consider paid directories too.
  • Your clients will likely be people who need legal services in your city. So, pick directories in your locale.

While focusing on local directories, don’t neglect national listings. Check out reputable websites such as Avvo, Justia, and SuperLawyers.


More importantly, get listed on Google; create a Google Business Profile (GBP).


Directory backlinks are often nofollow links and considered to be low-tier. Despite such concerns, build them. But prioritize listings with desirable traffic.

This way, you’ll benefit from the traffic even if the link juice is minimal or null.

Explore Alumni Pages

Featuring on Alumni pages is in different phases:

  • List your law firm’s site in your college’s Alumni section — unfortunately, not every college/university has this option.
  • Join the Alumni Committee — this option is open to everyone. And you don’t need to be an executive. You can still get a high quality backlink as an Alumni board member like this lawyer:
  • Alternatively, you can contribute to your Alumni blog. Partner with law students and provide practical opinions.

Either way, alumni pages are more authoritative than directories because of “edu links.” The reason is that Google trusts edu sites more.

Guest Posting

Guest posting is not only one of the most popular link building methods. It is also one of the most effective ones.

However, this tactic can sometimes come off as spammy. But you can be different from the lot. Here is how:

  • Find guest posting opportunities only on high authority websites. By that, I mean websites with DR/DA 60 and above.
  • You’d hardly find high-authority websites for guest blogging via Google search. Instead, study where thought leaders in the law niche publish their posts. Reach out to the website owners even if there is no “write for us” page.
  • Don’t pitch regurgitated content. Instead, send unique story ideas that highlight your experience as a lawyer. 

Niche Edits

Niche edits are similar to guest blogging. Both require getting backlinks from other websites. But the former is better for 2 reasons:

  • Niche edits (curated insertions or link inserts) are placed on already-indexed, aged posts. In other words, you don’t need to wait for your article to get published. Niche edits let you get the link equity and referral traffic almost immediately.
  • You don’t need to write any article from scratch with niche edits.

So, how do you get niche edits?

Niche edits require payment. In other words, they are paid links.

Unfortunately, Google frowns on buying links or any link scheme.

What is the way out?

Hire a link building specialist instead of consulting various websites for niche edits. This way, you’ll leverage the network of the link builder and get valuable links from high authority sites.

Building Linkable Assets

Seeing linkable assets, what came to your mind?

Infographics link building?

Yes, that’s one way to build high quality links. But that’s just one of many ways.

You can also try other less-used methods. These include:

  • Creating a statistics page — for example, you can survey personal injury cases in your local area quarterly, yearly, or bi-yearly.

Interview the victims and the offender. Compile their views into charts. And boom, you have a statistics page.

Many reporters would gladly send a link to that.

  • Creating a resource page — this could be a glossary for legal terms or anything beginners can consume for quick study.

The beauty of this type of page is that you’ll get links from authority sites that are not even law-related.

  • Create a tool — the tool could be a free calculator to calculate settlement value, compensation, or attorney fee.

But how will you get backlinks?

  1. You can adopt this method used by G. Wayne Van Bibber & Associates; list your tools under resources like this:
  1. Launch target outreach campaigns for the tools.

Further reading: Tools & Templates for Outreach Link Building

Start A Blog

Starting a blog is similar to guest blogging and creating linkable assets. How?

Like guest blogging, you’ll create a blog post(s). But don’t create any content just for the sake of it.

Put in more effort. Top up your articles with interviews, expert quotes, and statistics.

By doing all that, your blog posts will stand out and be a linkable asset. This will attract backlinks from other bloggers in the law niche.

So, how does this strategy work?

  • Start with keyword research — pick the low-hanging keywords
  • Use the Skyscraper Technique — check the content ranking for your target keyword; make your post better
  • Optimize your blog posts — use content optimization tools like Surfer to make your articles SEO-friendly, rank-worthy, and high quality content.
  • Launch a link building campaign — don’t wait for your blog posts to attract backlinks; reach out to bloggers and influencers in the law niche to check out your content. 

Sponsor Local Events

At a quick glance, this strategy will look expensive. But it doesn’t have to be.

Here is how:

  1. Plan an event within your budget — it could be as simple as reviewing legal documents in your local area for free.
  2. Partner with other lawyers for more capital-intensive events like scholarships. If you’d go this route, start with your alma mater.

How will you get backlinks by sponsoring an event?

  • For starters, your alma mater will create a press release around your scholarship, and you’ll also be featured in the college blog.
  • You might even get on the college’s newsletter. And it doesn’t even end there.
  • More importantly, news media houses in your city will take up the story and write around it. Soon, other media houses will circulate your business. And you’ll get a link for each.

Similarly to the “local events” method, you can publicize your awards. Your alma mater and city will be proud of your feat. Both will create a piece for you and add backlinks to your website even without an outreach.

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I’ve already written a long piece on how broken link building works. Check it out.

But I’ll discuss the highlights:

Does BLB work?

  • Yes. In fact, BLB is one of the most effective link building strategies.

According to AIRA State of Link Building 2022, BLB is a top 5 popular technique for backlinks building.


Why does BLB work?

  • It is a value-first system. In other words, the target website gets help to fix broken links and pages that might hinder their sales.
  • In appreciation for your help, you’ll often get a backlink.

For me, competitor backlink analysis is the ultimate link building strategy. It saves you time and resources guessing what SEO techniques to use.

You can check what other lawyers are doing to rank and get clients and the websites/links pointing to their websites. Then, you can adopt, improve, and personalize the strategy.

In a nutshell, competitor backlink analysis gives you a road map. Use it.

So, how can you do competitor backlink analysis?

This ultimate guide on competitor analysis will help. Check it out.

Now, you can build backlinks to your law firm’s website. Remember to start with competitor analysis and then pick any of the 9 strategies.

But what if you don’t have the time?

Hire link building services for lawyers. I curated the top 5 for you below.

SERPReach — shameless plug

SERPreach specializes in niche edits for personal injury lawyers. But we can equally replicate our strategies for other lawyers.


Outside niche edits, we also offer guest posting and blogger outreach services. We have a robust network of bloggers and high-authority websites.

Partnering with us will give you access to our network built off long-standing relationships with website owners.

Lastly, our link building services are affordable for the quality you’ll get.

Verdict: best for niche edits


The clue is already in the name; LawRank is a specialized SEO agency for lawyers. But that’s not all. They are also an award-winning agency — making them one of the most trusted SEOs in Los Angeles and the US.


LawRank focuses on 3 services:

  • SEO and link building,
  • PPC, 
  • Attorney web design

LawRank particularly has a strong design portfolio. In that regard, they are arguably the best on this list.

Verdict: best for web/blog design


FatJoe is one of the SEO agencies that have been around forever. They are as popular as they are result-driven. For specifics, the folks at FatJoe have delivered 186K+ orders since 2012 with a 4.8 rating. 


About services, FatJoe offers it all. They can help with link building, digital PR, SEO, content writing, and designs.

Also, FatJoe has several free tools you can use to kickstart your law firm’s SEO.


IMO, FatJoe stands out for its infographic design service. No other law firm SEO agency comes close.

Verdict: best for linkable assets 

Stellar SEO

Like us at SERPReach, Stellar SEO is a link building agency. Likewise, they offer blogger outreach and guest posting services.

Interestingly,  Stellar SEO’s strong suit is its root in content marketing. They use well-crafted content to get high-quality backlinks for their clients.


In essence, Stellar SEO links are 100% safe.

Verdict: best for content marketing strategies like blogging, guest posting, HARO, and BLB

On The Map Marketing

On The Map is a full-service digital marketing agency. They offer everything from website design, SEO, and PPC to link building.


Unlike most self-acclaimed lawyer SEOs, the folks at On The Map have a long string of results to back their claim as one of the best.   

On The Map has generated $2M in leads, S40M in revenue, and increased traffic by 800% for lawyer clients. Some of the clients include Stroleny Law and Fasig|Brooks.

Here’s a sneak of On The Map’s link building results for lawyers:


Verdict: best for PPC and directory link building

I don’t recommend settling for just one strategy when building links. Combine it all.

That is the best way to build law firm backlinks.

While you’re at it, focus on earned backlinks to get the best results from your link building efforts. And remember, you don’t have to do it all by yourself.

You can always hire link builders.

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