What Is An SEO Consultant? Where Can I Find The Best SEO Consultant?

What is an SEO consultant

Want to know what is an SEO consultant and how one can change your website SERP position for good? Here is everything you need to know about the best SEO consultants.

Do you recall the last time you searched for something on Google and bothered to read all the way to the second page of results? You realize that rarely happens.

In essence, if your company doesn’t appear on Google’s first page, your audience won’t find you. 28.5% of people click the top organic search result, after which the click rate rapidly decreases, according to an analysis of 80 million phrases. Additionally, clickthrough rates on Google’s page 2 are far below 1%.

You simply cannot afford to ignore search engine optimization (SEO) for your organization when 68% of all website traffic originates from searches.

Let’s dive in.

What Is An SEO Consultant?

A search engine optimization (SEO) consultant’s primary responsibility is to assist your company in being found online by clients. Find out more about their work, how to hire them, where you can find the best SEO consultants, and what to look for when doing so.

A person having a specialized set of abilities in the field of digital marketing is a search engine optimization (SEO) consultant.

Their primary responsibility is to draw in customers, close those customers, and promote you in search engines like Google. They achieve this by putting a variety of SEO methods into practice, with the main objective being to draw in targeted search engine audiences and convert them into consumers.

Planning, strategy, innovation, and execution are all very important in this. But what are their duties, and what should you take into account when picking your next SEO expert?

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How And Where Can I Find Best SEO Consultants?

Here are a few things to keep in mind when you begin your search for an SEO company or consultant.

Ask Your Tribe

Asking the individuals you know, and trust is one of the finest strategies to find an SEO consultant for your consideration.

Getting found still relies heavily on word of mouth, and most people won’t recommend a person or company they don’t like. It’s likely that someone you know utilizes SEO and would be pleased to suggest their SEO provider.

Search Google

 In addition to word-of-mouth recommendations, searching Google is another technique to identify a potential SEO candidate. This advice comes with the caveat that just because an SEO firm appears highly in Google does not imply that they are the best—but it also does not imply that they are not.

This exercise aims to compile a list of things to think about, which you can then filter based on other factors like reviews, track records, gut feelings, and your budget.

Review Online Directories

 During your Google search, click on a couple of directories to get recommendations. Examples are Clutch and UpCity.

Just though an SEO business is included in a directory does not imply that they are the best, similar to the last bullet point. None of these bullet points could actually claim that, in reality.

But the thing we appreciate most about these internet directories is that they may display the specialty, typical cost, and customer evaluations of an SEO company.

Ask On Social Media Groups

This one can produce a mixed bag of results, so I almost didn’t add it, but there are so many brilliant people out there that it’s worth looking into. I participate in a number of Facebook groups, and we have seen posts from companies searching for SEO professionals as well as the other way around.

Facebook is a platform well known to everyone and the largest marketplace for any type of startup or hiring services of consultant; social media platforms and forums are other options for determining where you can find the best SEO consultant.

On this basis, we even acquired a fantastic agency client. There are a number of Facebook groups dedicated to SEO, as well as ones for other industries where there is no shortage of possible candidates.

Freelance Platforms

For full-time or contract SEO work, LinkedIn is an excellent resource. Many SEO marketers utilize LinkedIn to highlight their background, area of specialization, and endorsements from previous clients. On LinkedIn, you could actively look for SEO consultants and get in touch with them, or you could even post a position with your specifications.

Additionally, websites like Upwork or Fiverr can be useful. But because there are probably going to be a lot of self-described “experts,” you’ll need to review a lot of profiles carefully.

One of the finest places to identify and hire skilled SEO marketers is Mayple. Our platform matches you with top industry experts using AI, and our data-driven screening process ensures that they have a track record of success for brands with similar target markets to yours.

List of the 7 Best Search Engine Optimization Consultants according to clutch;

  1. WebFX
  2. SEO Discovery
  3. Victorious
  4. Ranking.io
  5. Smart Sites
  6. Ignite Visibiltiy
  7. Straight North

Best Platforms Where You Can Find SEO Consultants


Clutch is one of the top online directories that answer your most asked question, “where can I find the best SEO consultant?”

From Advertising and Marketing, they provide IT services also, hence including SEO Consultant services for customers.

what is an SEO consultant - where can I find one

Outer Box 

Do you need help with your search engine optimization efforts? Your website will be positioned at the top of Google for success in organic search. Outerbox is the best option to consider. They claim:

  • A thorough SEO strategy and tailored recommendations
  • Advice & support for SEO implementation
  • 90+ internal SEO experts who hold Google certifications
what is an SEO consultant - where can I find one


Another platform available on Google that can consult your SEO-related concerns is Outreach solutions. They are Backlink specialists and helped hundreds of businesses around the world to change their SEO game.

what is an SEO consultant - where can I find one

Recap; What is an SEO Consultant?

Your online traffic may be increased, and the quality of leads for your company can be improved with the assistance of a qualified SEO consultant. Furthermore, the effects won’t be immediate. The effects of your SEO efforts will be felt even if you stop working on them actively.

Just keep in mind that outcomes might not be apparent right away. It takes time for search engines to fully index your website once you engage a competent SEO consultant and they’ve done the required modifications.

Therefore, even though it might be alluring to hire someone who “guarantees” results, it’s best to collaborate with someone who has a successful track record. Nobody can promise you a specific position in the search results, so if they do, be wary.