How To Improve SEO on Shopify?

how to improve SEO on Shopify

Shopify SEO Guide: 7 Tips for Improving Shopify SEO in 2023

It is no surprise that you are searching for how to improve SEO on Shopify. Because almost every other person is shiting to dropshipping and online businesses, Shopify is a really great platform offering a lot of advantages to new startups.

But like any other thing on the Google search engine, SEO holds an important place for your business on Shopify as well. So, here we are with some really insightful tips to help you understand how to improve the SEO of your Shopify store.

What is Shopify SEO?

Simply, Shopify SEO is the process of optimizing Shopify for search.

There are only a few distinctions between Shopify SEO and normal search engine optimization on WordPress.

Make sure to follow these SEO statistics to show the major influence it plays on improved business and brand success.

To boost the visibility of your store’s items on Google, for example, you should take additional care to include important keywords in your product descriptions and image alt texts.

In addition, a Shopify SEO professional will take care of duplicate material on your website. Duplicate content is one difficulty peculiar to Shopify, unlike WordPress.

That being stated, let’s take a look at some of the tactics you may employ how to improve your Shopify SEO and store’s Google rating.

7 Strategies On How To Improve Your SEO On Shopify

Here are seven things that’ll help you how to improve your SEO on Shopify:

Perform Keyword Research

The first thing that’ll help you how to improve your SEO on Shopify:

Conducting keyword research.

To begin, narrow your focus. Choosing a wide specialty, such as “sneakers,” will not suffice. The tighter the niche, the better. CBD for dogs may be effective.

Once you’ve worked out your favorite niche, the following step is to identify the perfect keywords surrounding it.

Finding the terms your consumers are seeking can help you appear higher in their search results, avoid Amazon suspension due to bad behavior, and appear more trustworthy to prospects.

Let’s imagine you are selling toys for pets. Go to Google and put “dog toys” into the search bar. You will see the following keywords appear.

how to improve seo on shopify

If you perform the same thing on Amazon, you will see the following:

how to improve seo on shopify

Potential buyers will use these search terms to reach your store/products. You may stop here or push things further a little bit by utilizing specialized SEO tools to go further into keyword research.

Let’s take a look at some of the top Shopify keyword tools.

Best Shopify Keyword Tools

The auto-suggest functions of Google and Amazon are excellent, but they are restricted in scope. For example, they won’t provide you insight into the search volume and keyword challenges of these search queries.

But specialized keyword tools like Google Keyword Planner and Ahref can. They can also create a longer list of similar terms.

For example, if you enter one of the suggested keywords, say “dog toys,” into Google Keyword Planner, you will see the following:

how to improve seo on shopify

Take note of the monthly searches and competitiveness. You should choose keywords with a large monthly search volume and minimal competition. Furthermore, SEO plugins for Chrome may be useful in assisting your SEO efforts.

Incorporate Keywords Into Page Content

The second thing that’ll help you how to improve your SEO on Shopify is: Incorporate Keywords Into Page Content. At this stage, you should have a list of keywords in mind. The next step is to make it simple for Google crawlers to locate your pages by utilizing the keywords you’ve chosen.

But first, you must decide which sites will receive the keywords. Your homepage, product pages, and product category pages are good places to start.

Where should you put the keywords on those pages? The page title, meta description, page body content, and picture Alt texts are all good places to start.

Assume you wish to add the term “women sweatpants” to the title of your product page. I will presume that your website is fresh and has no product page. This implies you’ll need to add one and include your keyword into it.

Log into your Shopify account and then click the Pages link, as seen below:

how to improve seo on shopify

Fill complete the page title using the following format:

Store name – Keyw7ord

Here’s an illustration:

how to improve seo on shopify

You’ve now added a target term to your page title. Excellent work. 

Next is to add keywords to the page description. To do so, click the Edit website SEO link below, and then provide descriptive language in the Description box that best describes your page. Make sure your target keywords are included in the description.

Enhance the Navigation of Your Website

Knowledge about this point helps you greatly in answering how to improve your SEO on Shopify. The ease of navigation of a website is one of the elements Google analyses before ranking it.

To begin, make sure that your product pages are easily accessible from your homepage.

A visitor should not have to click more than three times to reach a specific product. Here’s an example of an effective structure:

Product >> Home >> Product Category >> Product

The next area to improve is your website’s menu.

When you add items to your menu, ensure that you use wording that matches the title of the page it is pointing to.

Consider this: you’ve written a blog article and want to include a link to one of your products: a black leather bag.

The appropriate connecting structure should be:

Check out this black leather bag

Not to mention:

Here’s a purse you might like.

Navigate to Online >> Navigation to make changes to your store’s navigation structure.

how to improve seo on shopify

Before beginning a backlink-generating strategy, keep in mind that not all backlinks are made equal.

Links from Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media network, for example, will have no effect on your rating. Links from low-quality sites will also do your site more harm than good. As a result, it’s best to avoid them altogether.

A link from a prominent website, such as CNN, will carry a lot of weight, and you need such a connection.

With that stated, here are some innovative methods for generating relevant backlinks to your store:

  • Get help from backlink specialists.
  • Publish guest pieces on authoritative websites. You will automatically get backlinks when you do so.
  • Inquire about product reviews from bloggers and review websites. Most will do so for free.
  • Get links from your product maker.
  • Post informative, shareable material to your site.

Improve the Speed of Your Website

What do you think when you try to access a web page that takes more than 2 seconds to load? Are you frustrated? You will likely abandon the website.

Visitors will feel the same way if your website looks to take longer to load. This will not only raise your bounce rate but will also have an impact on your Google search rating.

As a result, optimizing your website for performance is critical.

Here are a few things you can do to speed up your website:

  • Compress your product photos before submitting them
  • Jpeg images are preferable since they are lighter.
  • Use a light theme and include the Accelerated Mobile Pages technology. They ensure that your website loads amazingly quickly.
  • Reduce the number of applications installed on your website.

 Make Use of the Appropriate SEO App

If you’ve ever maintained a WordPress website, you’ve probably heard of Yoast SEO, the most popular SEO plugin for WordPress.

You might be wondering if Yoast works with Shopify as well. No, it doesn’t!

However, there are several additional Shopify SEO programs that may assist you in improving your Shopify SEO approach.

Unfortunately, these programs are rarely entirely free. However, most only provide limited free plans. And you will discover them on Shopify App Store.


How do I get good SEO on Shopify?

Optimize the structure of your Shopify site.
Enhance the User Experience.
Find the Best Target Keywords… and so forth.

What is the best SEO app for Shopify?

SEO Suite: Image Optimizer by AVADA.
SEO Optimizer – Trusted SEO app by Booster Apps.
And SEO Booster – SEO Marketing by Secomapp.

Do Shopify tags assist with SEO?

The title tag and meta description are two of the most crucial SEO factors. They appear in search engine results and give information to those seeking items like yours. A decent title and description entice people to visit your store by clicking the link in search results.

What should be avoided when it comes to SEO?

Slow site speed
Negative Google reviews
Faulty Google My Business Verification Code
Duplicate Content
Broken Images and Missing Alternative Texts
Outdated Content and Information on the Site
Not Optimizing Your Website for Mobile, etc

How does SEO work with Shopify?

Shopify online stores have SEO capabilities and tools to help you improve your content. Some SEO is handled automatically, such as the addition of auto-generated canonical tags to pages to avoid duplicate material from showing in search results, as well as your website’s sitemap, XML, and robots.