10 Contextual Link Building Services You Can Trust

Looking for the best contextual link building services to increase your search engine ranking? We compiled the top 10 into this blog post. Check them out.

We scoured the net looking for contextual links built using manual outreach. This article contains what we found.

Ensure to read to the end for our verdict on which of the lots to use for your business.

Note: the providers below are arranged in no particular order. So, do well to read to the end.

Shameless Plug: SERPReach 

Of course, we’re number one.😊


SERPReach, previously known as Outreach Solutions, is a link building agency that helps businesses build industry-specific contextual, inbound links. Unlike other SEO companies, we specialize only in white-hat backlinks.

More importantly, our premium link building services are available to all. Anyone can benefit from SERPReach’s well-built contextual links – be it website owners, SMBs, digital marketing gurus, or SEO agencies.

Currently, SERPReach offers 3 contextual link building services:

  • Blogger outreach to same niche blogs
  • Guest post to other websites

For each of our services, we maintain 100% transparency. Once you place an order, you’ll gain access to our networks and see where your contextual links are.

Lastly, you’ll get a detailed report of the live URLs, organic traffic and anchors. You will also get feedback on improvements in your site’s search performance.


  • Our contextual links are 100% safe since we only use white hat link building strategies. Besides, we rigorously test and regularly update our network to remove spammy sites.
  • Our pricing model is relatively affordable. It gets even more affordable the more contextual links you buy. Check our “multiple link packages.”


  • Our contextual links take time to build because our outreach is 100% manual. Our posts, for example, can take up to 3 weeks.
  • We don’t sell shady, spammy, rank-quickly backlinks.


Help a Reporter Out (HARO) is unlike the other providers in this list. In fact, it is more of an intermediary. How so?


HARO is:

  • A service bloggers and journalists use for expert sources and quotes to write thought leadership articles
  • A platform where businesses and individuals provide answers to queries to earn high-authority backlinks 

It is a win-win case for both parties in the end.

The best part is that you can enjoy HARO offers for free to boost your link building efforts. All you need to do is register as a source and set your preferences.


Then, you’ll get 3 emails daily — morning, afternoon, and evening editions — like this:


The queries look like this:


Just pick any that interests you and provide a resourceful answer. That might earn you a quality backlink.

Ultimately, you need to subscribe to the paid plans to set keyword alerts and improve the success rate of your pitches.



  • Like most PR backlinks, HARO links are undoubtedly high quality. And you can get it all for free. Plus, they are safe. All the placement sites are authentic websites with active readers.
  • HARO, despite its vast benefits, is easy to use. You can register within minutes and start your link building process.


  • HARO links often only point to the homepage (or website’s content)
  • Even with the best pitch, you might wait weeks before getting a reply.

Further reading: how to build HARO links


Dofollow.com prides itself in specialized, user-centric contextual link services. Unlike other providers in this list, they only serve B2B SaaS companies. And in that aspect, no one else comes close.

Some of the clients of Dofollow.com include B2B heavyweights like Respona, Resume.io, and Surfshark.


More importantly, all contextual links from Dofollow are authentic editorial processes. And that undoubtedly works because the company helped 100s of clients get quality backlinks from high authority domain like The Washington Post.


It is worth mentioning that Dofollow.com does not use all link building strategies. They don’t even use the usual trick in the book (guest blogging).

Instead, Dofollow focuses on building linkable assets (like infographics).


The dedicated account managers at Dofollow only build based on what already exists on your blog or site. In other words, you must have a content strategy in place.

This is where the user-centric term comes from.


  • Dofollow focuses only on editorial, contextual links. This ensures that their backlinks are of the highest quality. The lowest DR score here is 65.
  • You’ll get a dedicated account manager to comb through your content and plan your assets & your campaigns.


  • Dofollow is rigid. Your content strategy must be in place. Also, they only work with B2B SaaS companies.
  • The baseline price of Dofollow context links starts from $3K. That is expensive compared to other companies.


The HOTH (Hittem Over The Head) provides full-service SEO services. They offer everything from written content (on-page SEO)and technical optimization to backlinks.

The HOTH also provides white-label services for SEOs.

But I’ll focus on the services for contextual links — for the sake of this article.

You can build contextual backlinks with the HOTH via 5 different services.

  1. Link outreach — you will pick your target website and anchor text.

Alternatively, you can select from the options at HOTH if you don’t have a target audience/website.

Pick from a range of DA (Domain Authority) 20 – 50 websites. And your paid links will be ready in 30 days.

  1. Link insertions on contextual content — pick from DA 20 – 60 sites, the anchor text, the quantity of the external links you need, and the desired linking page.

Delivery might also take up to 30 days


Also read: do link insertion services work?

  1. Press releases — this is similar to HOTH. The only difference is that the HOTH takes away all the stress.

You can write the PR and let the HOTH distribute it .

Alternatively, you can outsource the writing and distribution to the account managers at the HOTH.


Further reading: how to build PR backlinks

  1. Content syndication — this is similar to press releases. The difference is that the content is yours. The only thing the HOTH does is distribute it to authority sites.
  1. Local business listings — this is for local contextual backlinks. The HOTH will place your backlinks on top business directories in your locale.


  • The strength of the HOTH contextual links is diversity. You can get up to 5 different high-quality backlinks.


  • HOTH contextual backlinks are not as expensive as Dofollow’s. But they are still relatively expensive.

Submit Core

Submit Core is another specialized SEO agency like Dofollow. They focus only on one contextual link building service: guest blogging.

Unlike Dofollow, Submit Core prices are much more affordable. You can get a quality contextual backlink for as little as $50.


Despite the affordability, I’ll only recommend Submit Core for local businesses. If you work around real estate, law, and mortgage niches, this agency can help you attain higher search rankings.

Otherwise, guest post backlinks alone might not be enough to move the needle.

TBH, Submit Core has a local listing service where they get backlinks for businesses from authority directories. But even that contains the blogger outreach offer.


  • Submit Core prioritizes manual outreach and white hat SEO. So, their contextual backlinks are safe.
  • Compared to market averages, Submit Core backlinks are affordable. The price becomes more affordable the more links you purchase.


  • The navigation of Submit Core can be better. For example, “guest posting backlink” and “content marketing” services lead to the same page. That shouldn’t be so; content marketing is more diverse than guest posting.
  • The local bundle service should be flexible to make it more affordable, like in the case of the HOTH. Users might only need backlinks and not recurrent monthly management.


uSERP is another specialized agency like Dofollow. They are both user-centric and focus on B2B SaaS companies.

But unlike Dofollow, uSERP offers more than just building linkable assets. They have a more comprehensive approach to building links for search engines.

Here is a summary of uSERP’s approach:

  • Link gap analysis and technical audit — uSERP’s SEO specialist analyzes all the elements of clients’ websites to determine the steps to scale them.
  • Formulate the strategy — this “strategy” will entail a clear roadmap of the techniques to use, anchors, and placement sites.
  • Acquire contextual backlinks — you’ll sit back and let the folks at uSERP send high-quality links to your linked pages.

About link building strategy, uSERP uses a mix of two techniques for building contextual links:

  1. Niche edits & resource addition — uSERP identifies niche-relevant sites with high-traffic articles. Then, they pitch targeted resources to the site owners to earn backlinks.
  2. Guest posts & content contribution — uSERP engages her 40+ expert writers to write data-rich, long-form articles. Then, they get the high quality content published on high-authority websites.


  • uSERP is the all-in-one link building agency for SaaS companies. They have stellar reviews from top guns in the B2B scene, like Monday.com and Copy.ai. Plus, they have an encompassing approach to SEO.


  • The starting price for contextual linking at uSERP is $10K. That is the most expensive rate on our list and might only be affordable for large enterprises.


What stood out for me was the name. It is memorable because of the New York rapper Fat Joe.

But this “FatJoe” does not sing. LOL. It is a renowned link and content agency trusted by SEOs.

No BS; I’ve heard of FatJoe blogger outreach being one of the best. The folk at Authority Hacker bragged about how FatJoe does “authentic” outreach.

So, I’ll start my review from that.


As seen in the picture, the process is straightforward. You’ll only provide the anchor text and select your pick from the several link attributes.


You can choose from a range of high quality sites.

And the service is affordable. At $100, you can get genuine contextual backlinks from a DA 30+ site.

Outside, FatJoe offers other contextual link building services. They include:

  • Niche edits on relevant content and web pages
  • Infographic outreach — this is similar to what Dofollow does. In FatJoe’s case, the asset is an infographic. And it comes with 100-300 words to house your backlinks.


  • FatJoe does actual outreach — this much is confirmed by several other SEOs.
  • I love their uniform price plan. Regardless of what you need, all starter packages are $60.
  • FatJoe delivery time is impressive. You can get your contextual backlinks placed on desired, high-traffic sites as early as 2 weeks.


  • FatJoe doesn’t sell shady, reciprocal links.


Whitespark is another specialized contextual link building agency. But unlike Dofollow and uSERP, Whitespark focuses solely on local SEO.

In other words, the best services here are citation cleanups and directory listings. 

The beauty of using Whitespark is that the services are already tied into one. You can enjoy the 3-pack (citation audit, cleanup, and building) at a go for as little as $20.



  • Whitespark context backlinks only require a one-time fee. Just one payment and you can continually build quality local links to your business.


  • Building links can take up to 4 weeks. But since such links will be the best quality, maybe the wait will be worth it.
  • The scope of the backlinks is limited to local businesses. Yet, the strategy is citation-based. There are no guest posts or even press releases. That might never move the needle in competitive niches like casinos.

SERP Logic

SERP Logic is like uSERP. They offer everything from blogger outreach, infographics design & distribution, HARO & PR links, and niche edits to editorial and edu backlinks (and even free tools).

Interestingly, the folks at SERP Logic are adept at web design. You’ll get experts with a design background (i.e., technical SEO plus). Also, they are not a SaaS-only agency.


Here is the best part:

SERP Logic offers the same quality contextual backlinks as uSERP and Dofollow. The outreach process is just as 100% authentic. Yet, the packages are 10x more affordable.

That said, let’s take a sneak peek at the top contextual link building services available at SERP Logic:

  • Guest blogging & blogger outreach — SERP Logic works with submitted keywords (or descriptive phrases), writes stellar articles, and publishes them on REAL, relevant websites. Despite being a manual outreach, you can get your contextual link in as little as 20 days.
  • Infographic design & outreach — SERP Logic basic their process of clients’ content strategies. They uphold a zero-template policy. In other words, the resources are unique and streamlined for each customer.
  • Editorial and HARO backlinks
  • Niche edits
  • Listings on local but high-quality directories


  • SERP Logic delivers on its promise of genuine outreach and relevant links. In essence, the contextual backlinks here are safe.
  • The technical and design knowledge of the folks at SERP Logic will be a plus for complete SEO success.


  • There is no option to choose “word count” for the services.
  • Despite being cheaper than uSERP and Dofollow, SERP Logic pricing might still be expensive for startups.

Outreach Monks

Outreach Monks bases its contextual link building services on content marketing. They don’t offer any other SEO services. Yet, they have diverse offers. How so?

Outreach Monks created specialized link building services for several industries.

  • SaaS and e-commerce
  • Casino
  • Cannabis

Outreach Monks have managed services (broken links and brand mention monitoring inclusive), blogger outreach, and link insertions for each niche. Also, you can request custom packages as you see fit.


  • Outreach Monks’ contextual external link is flexible for all business types and budgets. If you want affordable packages for local businesses, you will find plans as cheap as $79.

At the same time, some plans are $2K+.

  • The expertise in hard-to-rank niches like cannabis and casinos will be handy.


  • There are no packages for adult niches or PBN links despite claiming to cover all businesses.

There is no straightforward answer, TBH.

But you get the best fit if you consider your niche first. How?

If you are in B2B SaaS, go with uSERP or Dofollow.

For cannabis, stick to Outreach Monks.

On the other hand, if you want the most budget-friendly, use SERPReach’s contextual link building services.