Trusted Link Building Services for SEO Agencies

Are you an SEO agency searching for trusted link building services for your SaaS products and clients? This guide contains the top 13. Check them out.

As much as you want to delve into the list of top 13 link building services for SEO agencies. There are a few things to note first.

I talked about the top 5 extensively below.

Search Traffic

I understand that most SEOs focus on domain authority when building backlinks. And trust me, high domain authority is good. Otherwise, there won’t be a correlation between high-ranking pages on search results and high DA/DR scores.


Nevertheless, a website’s domain authority isn’t the most vital factor when building links.

IMO, search traffic is a more crucial factor. How so?

Domain authority or ratings are terms coined by third-party SEO tools like Ahrefs, Moz, and Semrush. They don’t reflect Google’s stance/trust in a page.

On the other hand, search traffic correlates with Google search results activities. It is the quantity of visits received from the pages of search results.


In essence, Google trusts the page enough to show it on its search results and send traffic.

Such a page should be the cornerstone of your link building.

And while you’re at it, focus on pages with at least 500 organic search traffic monthly.

“Write For Us” Pages


If you were a beginner writer looking to boost your portfolio, “write for us pages” could be golden. But not for link building — especially as an SEO agency. Do better. Why?

❌️ “Write for us” pages often have low search traffic and domain authority

❌️ They are obvious targets for link building agencies.

❌️ If a website sends links to several pages, it is likely a link farm. In that case, Google will disregard the juice. 

Another thing to note:

Most “write of us” pages are link farms masquerading under blog submissions faze. They know link builders will fall into the trap and suggest payment to feature on their blogs.

Bottom line: building links on “write for us” is beneath you as an SEO agency. It doesn’t help convince prospects. And don’t say they won’t find out. There are free SEO tools for analyzing backlink profiles.

So, if you suspect a link building agency uses “write for us” pages, don’t use them.

Services That Share Lists of Sites

At a glance, sharing lists of link placement sites will seem like transparency. But in reality, it is not. Here is why:

❌️ Other link building agencies will bombard the list for links

❌️ Black hat SEOs might practice negative tactics to tank the authority of the listed websites

❌️ Lastly, and more importantly, Google only has to collate the list and block off all the link juice from there.

In the end, the so-called transparency will hurt your SEO efforts.


I don’t recommend shady or secretive link building agencies. Before hiring anyone, ensure you can ascertain their quality standards.

Let’s delve into the list of the trusted link building service providers and services you can trust as an SEO agency. I can vouch for these companies, and you can run with any of them.

SERPReach — Shameless Plug


At SERPReach, we build high-quality backlinks for businesses across different industries and verticals. And because of that, we’re the perfect link building agency for SEO agencies.

It doesn’t matter if you are a real estate agent, construction firm, lawyer, or SaaS business; we can help either way.

More importantly, all our link building services are white-hat links. Our backlinks are 100% safe and will stand the test of any algorithm update.

Here are our top services:

  • Blogger outreach
  • Guest posting
  • Niche edits — are the cornerstone of link building services. Here, we place your backlinks on contextual, aged articles with significant organic traffic on a high-authority domain.


  • Flexible plans — our link building packages fit different budgets and needs. We consider important factors like organic traffic, referral traffic, and domain authority in our pricing. This ensures that you can onboard several clients as an SEO agency.
  • Detailed reporting — we keep our clients abridged on each and every one of our link building processes. This makes our services perfect for white-label SEO agencies.


  • Unfortunately, we don’t sell rank-quick, shady backlinks. Our techniques take time because they are sustainable.



Rankfluence promises link placements that move the needle. That probably sounded corny since that’s what every link building agency says.

But I took a closer look at Rankfluence’s link building process — and I found this:

Rankfluence was originally a content marketing agency. In essence, they build links via assets like content pieces and infographics. And they are good — the posts in their “lab” are proof. The articles are well-written, detailed, and linkworthy. Such is what you need as an SEO agency.

As a content marketing & link building agency, Rankfluence offers a range of services. Here are the best ones for an SEO agency:

  • Link placements
  • Guest posts
  • Infographic assets — while infographic link building might seem outdated, Rankfluence does it uniquely and attractively. They base it off customer & brand core values.


  • Rankfluence bases its link building on organic traffic rather than DA/DR. That fits what I explained earlier for what you should seek as an SEO agency.


  • The services of Rankfluence are relatively pricey. In their words, “…we only work with clients with a minimum budget of $3000 per month.” Of course, you’ll get quality links. But you might be unable to afford such a quote if your SEO agency has low-budget clients.

The Upper Ranks


I don’t think you will find a more straightforward link building agency for your SEO company than The Upper Ranks. This is why:

The Upper Ranks clearly defined their ideal clients. According to their homepage, those clients are “SEO agencies, publicly traded companies, Silicon Valley startups, and in-house SEO teams.”


The Upper Ranks is a link building agency for virtually all businesses. You can use them for white label SEO, your SaaS products, local business clients, or as a “one-man” SEO company.  

So, what link building services can you expect from The Upper Ranks?

Unfortunately, there is no breakdown on the service page. So, I submitted my email address to gain access.

Even then, the services offered are not straightforward. Nevertheless, I gathered that The Upper Ranks focus purely on guest posting and blogger outreach.



  • Like with Rankfluence, the “least” traffic of link building packages at The Upper Ranks is 1000.
  • Outside the link building service offered, The Upper Ranks has SEO tools you can benefit from — for free.


  • Services offered are not as straightforward as you’d see in other link building service providers. Worse: you must submit your email for pricing breakdown.
  • At a $2000-per-month budget, the services of The Upper Ranks are relatively expensive — especially since they only offer guest posting & blogger outreach.

Page One Power


Page One Power uses a brilliant technique, like The Upper Ranks, to generate leads. Theirs is more robust as it asks for income range.

Beyond the lead gen, Page One Power is robust all through. The robustness is most evident in their services.

Page One Power offers everything from content marketing and link building to technical SEO services. That all-roundness will help your SEO agency sell white label services.

Let’s focus on Page One Power’s link building services. Here are the top ones:

  • Guest post link building services
  • Resource link building services
  • Outreach management services
  • Custom link building campaigns — these are the cream of the crops. The folks at Page One Power will audit your SaaS tools/clients’ websites. After, they will pick and combine the strategies that fit your needs.


  • The services of Page One Power are robust and “fairly” priced at $600 per link. While that might not fit the budget of everyone, it is a steal if your SEO agency focuses primarily on advertising.


  • Link building results take time. That is not necessarily bad since the backlinks are high-quality and sustainable. Nonetheless, Page One Power is not for you if you seek a quick boost.

Siege Media


Siege Media is a 3-in-1 agency — they do content marketing, PR, and SEO. With such an arsenal, you can’t go wrong with them as an SEO company.

About your clients, know this:

Siege Media typically works with businesses and brands in e-commerce, Fintech, and SaaS.

3 industries are too narrow. But if you prefer quality in those niches, there is no better agency or specialist than Siege Media.

FYI: Siege Media is trusted by other SEO giants — Neil Patel is one of the lot.

That said, what link building services can you expect from Siege Media?

  • Content marketing
  • Link outreach


  • Siege Media is relatively affordable compared to other SaaS link builders. Their links cost under $250.
  • All links from Siege Media are built via content marketing and white hat techniques. The backlinks are just as high-quality as they are safe.


  • Siege Media won’t be a sustainable solution for a startup SEO agency that probably still accepts all jobs.
  • Even with a specialized SEO agency like Siege Media, you’ll still wait 4-6 months before results.

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Sure Oak


Sure Oak, like Page One Power, is a full-service agency. They offer everything from SEO, link building, and content writing to lead generation.

More importantly, Sure Oak services aren’t restricted to a few niches. They cater to the needs of all industries — from small & local businesses, health & wellness, Fintech, e-commerce, and telecom to SaaS.

Outside that, Sure Oak also offers white label link building. 


Sure Oak’s combination of services and all-roundness makes it a link building company for any SEO agency.

That said, let’s see the top link building services to expect from Sure Oak.

  • Guest posting service
  • Editorial link insertions
  • Linkable asset promotion — is similar to blogger outreach. Sure Oak comb through your resources to find linkworthy content. If there are none, they will create and promote it for you.


  • Sure Oak link building solutions are custom for each client.
  • Looking through the case studies, Sure Oak also focuses on organic traffic as a yardstick of link building success.


  • Unfortunately, there is no way to know about Sure Oak pricing. You might need to request a quote.

Green Flag Digital


Green Flag Digital is a data-driven content marketing agency that doubles as a link building company. And because of their content background, you can rest assured that their methods are natural and safe.

Furthermore, Green Flag Digital’s link building process is modeled around data-driven content that drives traffic for their clients and the target pages. This ensures that both parties benefit. This sort of relationship is sustainable and what your SEO company should target.

What are Green Flag Digital’s top link building strategies?

  • Resource page link building — the folks at Green Flag Digital create and promote linkworthy, data-driven assets.


  • While Green Flag Digital might seem like a one-trick pony, they are not. There are several strategies embedded in creating resources. Besides, this link building tactic fetches the best high authority links: earned backlinks.


  • At $3-5K per link building campaign, Green Flag Digital is not for every SEO agency unless you’ve deep funding or are a SaaS or Fintech player.

Stellar SEO


Stellar SEO is a content-driven link building agency. They perfected their content marketing strategies over the years and leveraged them to build high-quality links for their clients.

Beyond outreach, Stellar SEO is adept in on-page SEO and anchor use — knowing “wheres” and “hows” of link placement.

Also, Stellar SEO offers white label link building. So, you can outsource your clients’ backlink link building to them.

What are Stellar SEO’s top link building strategies?

  • Blogger outreach
  • Custom link outreach — is like blogger outreach but more personalized to each client.


  • Stellar SEO focuses on organic traffic as its link building success metric.
  • Since the strategies are content-driven, they are 100% safe and sustainable.

Pro tip:

Stellar SEO has several clients in law firm SEO. Check them out if your SEO company works in such an industry.


  • Stellar SEO has no clear pricing page. Nonetheless, prepare for $200-300 per link.

Blue Tree Digital


Blue Tree Digital is a specialized growth agency for SaaS and Tech companies. They are famous for their impressive results for brands and businesses in the cybersecurity, Fintech, e-commerce & affiliate marketing spaces. 

Interestingly, Blue Tree Digital has placed links on high authority sites such as Forbes, Investopedia, and Entrepreneur.

Imagine your SaaS tool or clients’ websites being mentioned on Entrepreneur, for example. You’ll benefit from a domain that gets 970K organic traffic monthly.


What are Blue Tree Digital’s top backlink building services?

  • Editorial link building


  • Blue Tree Digital doesn’t buy links. They earn them instead. In other words, you’ll only get the best (editorial links) when you hire them.
  • Fortunately, Blue Tree Digital has built relationships with 450+ high authority sites over the years. That will come in handy for higher rankings on search engines and sales.


  • With an average of $4-6K monthly budget, Blue True Digital is only for high-end SEO agencies.

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At times, you don’t care about luxury or affordability. You want what works and is trusted by other SEOs.

Then, FatJoe fits your needs.

Trusted by 750+ SEO agencies, FatJoe is a full-service growth agency. They offer everything from content writing, design & video, SEO to link building.

But let’s focus on the link building part.

What are FatJoe’s top link building tactics?

  • Blogger outreach
  • Niche edits
  • Infographic outreach
  • Multilingual outreach — this is perfect for SEO agencies managing multinational brands.


  • At $200-300 per link, the pricing of FatJoe packages is relatively affordable — compared to other agencies with similar experience.
  • Link building and SEO aside, FatJoe has tools (15 of them) you can adopt for your campaigns for free.


  • While FatJoe claims to be robust, they don’t build all types of links — PBNs, for example.



No diss to UK folks. But Linkology is one of the UK-based growth agencies making raves in the SEO niche.

If you’re an SEO company with UK clients needing some agency that understands the terrain, Linkology can help. They have a perfect grasp of content marketing and natural backlink building.

What top backlink building services can you expect from Linkology?

  • Guest posting
  • Blogger outreach


  • Linkology has a detailed link building process that ensures personalized solutions.
  • Linkology is one of the few agencies that build links for gambling niches. If your agency happens to have clients in such a niche, you’re in luck.


  • Unfortunately, Linkology does not have a clear pricing structure.

Digital Current


Like FatJoe, Digital Current is one of the top full-service growth agencies trusted by hundreds of SEO companies. And if it helps you make a better decision, Digital Current has been around since 2003. Deductively, if the folks at Digital Currency don’t know what they are doing, they would already be out of business.

Based in Phoenix, Digital Current offers services around content marketing, conversion rate & search engine optimization, and link building. And they deliver top-notch results in all.

Focusing on link building, what can you expect from Digital Current?

  • Link outreach
  • Personalized link building packages — Digital Current analyzes each client and their competition. Then, they create custom backlink building strategies.


  • While most SEO companies focus on just DA or traffic for link building, Digital Current does one better. They judge results on conversion. And from a sales angle, this will help your SEO agency win more clients.
  • Digital Current has worked with several authentic, authoritative websites over the years — 120K in total as of when writing this. Imagine getting your clients’ links placed on all of that.


  • Digital Current has no pricing page
  • The links to some of their crucial onboarding pages are broken



uSERP is everything Blue Tree Digital is and more. In their words, they are the growth agency for only the “ambitious brands.”

And the folks at uSERP are right.

Your client or even could as well settle for crappy backlinks from link farms.

So, you must be ambitious to want to scale with high-authority backlinks. In that case, you’re in good company with uSERP.

Beautifully enough, uSERP has a long string of results. They boldly claim to increase traffic in as little as 2 months. And they are delivering on that.


BreadCrumbs is one of the agencies that benefited from increased traffic. In the end, uSERP increased their traffic from 0 to 26K.


Also, uSERP has a track record of increasing sales. Nav is one of the beneficiaries of this expertise.


With uSERP, Nav increased monthly sales by  $140K.

Bottom line:

If you seek increased traffic and sales for your SaaS tools and clients, choosing uSERP is a no-brainer.

That said, what link building services can you expect from uSERP?

  • Niche edits and resource additions
  • Broken link building
  • Guest posts and content contribution


  • uSERP is hands down the best link building company for SEO agencies specializing in the SaaS space. 


  • uSERP link building services are expensive — I don’t need to add “relatively.” Check it out for yourself:

Other link building companies you can check out for your SEO agency and clients include Loganix and the HOTH.

Unfortunately, there is no one-fit-all link building strategy or service.

You have to consider your niche, ideal client, and budget. Nonetheless, I can help with some suggestions:

  • Best agency for SaaS — Blue Tree Digital or uSERP
  • Best agency for law firms — Stellar SEO
  • Most affordable agency for all niches — SERPReach

Ultimately, you might hire several recommendations off this list to bulk up your link building efforts. Test them on your money sites. Then, you can use the services on your clients’ websites.