White Label Link Building Services – Do You Need One?

As much as content marketers want to upsell that “content is king” in SEO, we link builders know the truth. And that truth is:

Robust link-building strategies are the solution to achieving and retaining the top position on search results.

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The more authoritative sites point to your website (and the better your site’s internal linking game), the more chances you’ll rank higher on SERPs. That rule applies even for highly-contested keywords.

Unfortunately, there is one issue:

Link building takes time. You need to handpick the sites to guest post, for starters. Beyond guest postings, there are other technical aspects, such as HARO links.

Also, you must fix the technical issues on your website.

If you don’t have an in-house team, link building can wear you out. Even with a “team,” you’ll occasionally need help.

That “help” is what you’ll get with a white label link building service.

So, what is a white label link building service? What does it entail?

How can you choose the RIGHT white label link building agency?

Let’s delve in!

White label link building means outsourcing your link building. In other words, you let someone else build quality links for your business.

But isn’t that the same with your in-house team building links for you or getting an expert for link building?

White label link building is distinct because you’re outsourcing to fulfill your client’s needs. In other words, the experts are building the links for your clients, but you’d be the one to claim the glory.

Summarily, white label link building is like ghostwriting. You’ll give directions to a white label link building agency, and then you claim ownership and sell to others.


A “white label link building agency” is a company that offers to build links for others while claiming anonymity.

And “white label link building” is hiring and letting an external expert help you. The help (audits, guest postings, press releases, and other strategies) is the “white label building services.”

So, what if you have an in-house team for building links? Do you still need a white label link building service?

This is where White Label Link Building Services come into play, offering a strategic approach to link acquisition without the burden of managing the process in-house.

White label services allow businesses to collaborate with specialized agencies, leveraging their expertise to secure top-notch white label backlinks that adhere to ethical SEO practices.

These services operate discreetly under the client’s brand, maintaining a seamless façade while delivering the advantages of external partnership.

Search engines view these links as endorsements from other authoritative platforms, indicating that the content is valuable and trustworthy. However, not all links are created equal.

High-quality backlinks, as opposed to spammy or low-quality ones, emanate from reputable sources with contextual relevance to the linked content.

They foster organic traffic growth, bolster your client’s domain authority, and improve search engine rankings.

High Quality Content

At the heart of an effective white label link building strategy lies the creation and distribution of exceptional content.

This material is the key to getting real, authoritative backlinks from trustworthy sources.

The important thing is not just the number of links, but also the quality of those links, which are grown through content that is useful, keeps people interested, and fits easily with the website’s niche.

To make content that readers and search engines like, you need to use both creativity and plan.

When creating material for white label link building services, it needs to do two things: keep the audience interested and get authoritative backlinks.

This needs a lot of research into the interests and problems of the target group, so that the content creation can meet their needs.

When relevant keywords are used naturally and in-depth information is given, the content becomes a useful resource for readers and, as a result, for possible linking partners.

There is no rule for who can or cannot use white label services. Whether you have an in-house team (or not), can build links (or not), you can hire the services of a white label link building agency.

Nonetheless, the chances are that you will benefit the most from white label link building services if you fall into these categories:

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You Are Struggling With Demand

If you’re a link building expert, it’s likely that your schedule is consistently packed. And that’s a positive aspect – truly advantageous.

However, even though having a full roster of link building projects is favorable for your business, meeting deadlines can often pose challenges.

Fortunately, there’s a solution: assembling a team!

Certainly, a team can alleviate the demand. But can they uphold the same caliber as you? If that’s the case, their capacity might become fully utilized in no time.

The bottom line: you have the option to lighten your outreach workload by contracting a white label agency.

This agency can construct backlink profiles and carry out link building campaigns with the same level of expertise as you – or perhaps even surpassing it.

This approach enables you to onboard more clients or indulge in a well-earned break. After all, focusing solely on work without leisure can dull your skills – and ultimately impact your sales.

You Are Out Of Your Depth

As an experienced link builder, it’s important to acknowledge that everyone has their limitations, even professionals like yourself.

There may be certain niches or locations that you haven’t had the opportunity to explore and test.

This also holds true for your team; they might not possess the same level of expertise as you do.

However, if you’re in need of urgent link building solutions, it might be time to consider outsourcing to a reputable SEO agency.

By doing so, you can tap into a reservoir of specialized knowledge and insights, particularly when it comes to metrics and identifying relevant websites, all while avoiding the pitfalls of link farms.

In either scenario, embracing the support of a white label agency can prove highly beneficial.

It grants you access to a diverse range of skills, allowing you to expand your understanding and still present impressive results to your clients.

You Want To Scale Your Digital Marketing Agency

If you are a content marketer or web designer, chances are that you have plans to scale up to a full-blown digital agency.

In that case, your agency will offer a link building process – which you know nothing about.

Don’t fret; you can learn the basics of link building and outsource the core work. Why learn the basics at all?

You need the background knowledge of link building techniques to pitch to businesses and close them. After that, you only need to focus on what you do best – content writing or web development.

The best part: if you fit into this scenario, you don’t even need to build a team for link building. The white label agency will handle all your clients’ link building needs.


If you don’t belong to the profile of those needing white label link building services, you can still try it. There are several benefits your business or agency can enjoy by doing so.

Lesser Investment

If your preference leans towards a collaborative approach, you can opt to onboard newcomers and provide them with training in link building.

However, this could consume valuable time that could be better utilized for actual link building efforts.

Consider the alternative of hiring proficient link builders to work within your organization.

While this might lead to higher costs, it may not align favorably with your business, especially if you’re in the initial stages of setting up your agency.

In contrast to maintaining an internal team, you have the option of engaging white label SEO services. These agencies come equipped with the necessary training.

You’ll find yourself expending fewer resources, both in terms of time and money, on such developmental undertakings.

This decision could have significant implications for your search engine optimization strategies, as it allows you to bypass potential pitfalls associated with black hat practices and low-quality links.

Moreover, it opens avenues for effective content marketing and enhances domain rating, ultimately contributing to a more robust online presence.

Lesser Investment aside, outsourcing your link building to white label agencies is cost-effective. Unlike the team you’re building, these agencies are not newbies.

White label link building agencies are the aggregation of expert link builders. These experts have been building links for years.

In other words, white label agencies know what works in link building. More importantly, they have built working relationships with editors, journalists, bloggers and blogger outreach, and owners of the authority sites you’d love to be featured.

Say the sites you want are not featured on a white label agency’s list – they know how to pitch. And luckily, they are backed with the reputation to get their feet in the door.

In short, when you hire white label link building agencies, you work with ready-made infrastructure. They make everything easy.

And the best part:

A White label SEO agency, despite their experience, are relatively affordable.

Thanks to the affordability of white label agencies, you can scale your agency with ease and systematically. And while you are at it, you won’t need to worry about quality because you’re working with seasoned experts.

Availability When Needed

Frankly, there are days when the business will be slow when you don’t have any link building jobs. The days could turn into weeks or even months.

In such cases, what will happen to your in-house link building team? Will you still pay them while not doing anything? Will you lay your team off just before the ins are currently poor?

Hiring white label agencies can help you avoid weird scenarios. They won’t bug you for work and are available as needed.

And it doesn’t matter when you reach out, white label agencies can deliver high-quality links superfast.

white label link building services 3

That said, let’s discuss how to hire the RIGHT white label link building agency. But before that, should you even outsource link building?

Is it safe?

Link building is a technical undertaking that needs time and networking skills. So, you can’t outsource to just anyone.

Tested and verified white label agencies are your best bet for quality work. Regardless, you can still use freelancers.

However, freelance link builders have limitations. For starters, they can’t handle bulk work. Also, a freelancer might not have the system to convince high-authority sites to a partnership.


Outsourcing link building is safe when you choose the RIGHT partner. And FYI, the RIGHT partner is an agency.

But even then, there are numerous agencies.

So, how can you know the perfect agency for your needs? How can you choose the RIGHT whole label link building agency for your clients?

Note: testing and verifying the authenticity of an agency can be a hectic endeavor. But don’t fret; we have simplified the process into three steps below.

Start From Yourself

Learning the basics of link building is the best way to get effective results when outsourcing to an agency.

That way, you can appraise the work of the agency you’re working with and maintain a good relationship with your clients.

Most importantly, you will know if you’re indeed getting high-quality links.

So, what should you learn? What are the basics of link building?

Understand the meaning of the following terms and how they work:

  • Search intent
  • Organic traffic
  • Site relevance
  • Domain Authority
  • dofollow/nofollow

Confirm The Readiness Of Your Clients

There is no point in reaching out to a white label link building agency when your client is not ready. Don’t even waste your time!

And even when your client gives you the thumbs up, don’t be hasty. Follow these steps:

  • First, define your SEO strategy.
  • More importantly, audit your clients’ sites. Why are they not ranking high on the search engine result pages (SERPs)?
  • Are the articles good enough?
  • Is the issue the domain authority of competitors’ sites?
  • Where exactly does your client website rank on the SERPs?


If clients’ websites can’t be found in the first 100 pages on SERPs, they are not ready for link building. Instead, focus on keyword research and keyword-optimized content.

white label link building services 4

If your clients already have well-written, keyword-optimized content, and are within the benchmark pages on SERPs, move to the step:

You and your client are ready; it’s time to find the FITTING agency. To get the best partner, look out for the following criteria:


The initial aspect to confirm involves evaluating the abilities of your choices. What are their capacities? What knowledge do they possess?

It is preferable to select an agency that possesses comprehensive knowledge concerning quality websites and link building.

The chosen agency ought to provide complete link building services for small businesses, encompassing strategy development, research, placement of links, and provision of reports.


Knowing how to build links is one thing; doing it is another. Can the agency ACTUALLY build quality links? Do they practice what they preach?

Here is how to confirm:

  • Check the agency’s website with Ahrefs
  • How many links are pointing to their website? Are they niche-relevant links?
  • Check the agency’s blog.
  • Is the blog updated? Could you find recent articles about link building best practices?

If an agency fails to meet with above standards, you’re better off without them.

What next?

Results For Others

Beyond what the agency does for its website, check what they do for its clients. You should confirm that clients get quality results too.

So, how do you confirm?

Ask for case studies!

And when you do ask for case studies, don’t just look at the end result. Check the niche of the client and the difficulty of getting links in such a niche.

More importantly, check the time taken to get links and how soon it influenced rankings on SERPs.


Upon confirming the capacity of a white label agency to effectively establish link placements for both internal and external purposes, assess their communicative aptitude.

  • What is their responsiveness to your messages and queries?
  • Will they designate a dedicated individual to oversee your inquiries?
  • How will you track the advancement of the undertaken SEO campaign and link building efforts?
  • What are the respective roles, locations, and methodologies of the involved parties?

In essence, opt for an agency equipped with a clearly defined communication and feedback framework. 

This approach will enable you to keep your client well-informed about the progression of the project.


Regardless of the “competence” or “communication systems” of an agency, the ultimate factor to consider when hiring is transparency. And mind you, “transparency” is vital to uphold your reputation with your client.

A transparent agency will tell you what to expect and at what time.

  • How many quality links per month?
  • What websites will the links be placed on?
  • How much for a quality link?

If an agency explicitly provides answers to the above questions, they are probably a scam. Don’t outsource your link building needs to them.

Work with an agency that gives you peace of mind with a well-defined process and clearly-stated action plan.

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