What Is SEO Audit? What Are the Steps to Do It?

what is SEO Audit

SEO audit is a valuable process to have in your toolbox. The outcomes will be worthwhile whether it’s a brief or a comprehensive audit. It’s a technique to assess the functionality of your website, guard against bad practices and spammy backlinks, and determine optimization ideas.

In today’s guide, we will discuss it in detail.

What Is SEO Audit?

SEO audit involves examining all facets of your website to see how well it complies with recommended standards for organic search.

The website audit for SEO is conducted in terms of on-page and off-page optimization, site’s technical stuff, Google Business Profile audits, among others.

Why Is SEO Audit Important?

A successful search engine optimization campaign must include an SEO audit. The key part is not knowing why the audit is necessary; it is the useful information that comes out of the audit.

You can discover when conducting your audit that some of the pages on your website are inaccessible to search engines. That there is competing material, or that a crucial subject for your company lacks a landing page. An SEO audit is necessary to boost your website’s performance.

How To Do An SEO Audit?

Crawl Your Website

An extensive site crawl is the first step in every successful audit. This enables you to evaluate the existing situation and find any potential problems with your website. In essence, a crawl will assist you in establishing a baseline for the remainder of the audit.

Perform an automated scan once a month to track simple metrics like bounce rate, conversions, and page views.

Major faults, such as any on-page errors in the form of broken links, incorrect page titles and meta-data, or duplicate content, will frequently be revealed by this. If you come across any important problems, you can get in touch with an expert for a thorough audit. Annually, a more thorough inspection should be performed.

When you perform a scan or a complete audit, your website is evaluated, errors can be identified, and it also provides you with important data. Then you can use this data to optimize your site for better SEO and boost brand recognition.

Map Out Keywords and Pages

Website owners use some tools to track traffic from Google to their sites. Also, it enables you to check for certain fundamental issues like website performance, crawling and indexing issues, and the top link sites. And it even alerts you if your website has been compromised.

You will be able to examine the best-performing pages on your website. As well as the most popular keywords for each page in the second stage of your SEO audit. With this knowledge, you may review the page to make sure that you are effectively satisfying the search’s aim. And appropriately addressing that query and topic.

Assess Your Website Architecture

Making sure your website has a sound structure is another element that will enhance its SEO. Both website users and the bots that crawl it to determine search ranking will have a better experience using a website if the architecture is better.

A complete, accurate sitemap that you upload to your webmaster tool accounts must reflect your website’s clear, logical, and ordered structure for it to be effective. Solid URL structure is also important.

Make sure it corresponds to your site structure. And that you use simple, straightforward naming rules, avoiding symbols and numbers whenever you can.

Make sure that all of your primary web pages are included in the website’s top navigation menu, they will help site visitors and search engine bots find what they’re looking for quickly.

Page Speed

It’s crucial to evaluate and benchmark your page load time because page speed is crucial. In this day and age of short attention spans, a quick site speed encourages a pleasant user experience, whereas a slow one will lead to higher bounce rates.

A speed test is crucial because it allows you to identify the components of your website that are serving as barriers to search engine optimization. You can increase the performance of your website if you are aware of the areas that require work.

Check Your Content

A content audit is a crucial step of how to do an SEO audit, so be sure to review any current material in addition to wearing your SEO hat when producing new content.

You should incorporate keywords naturally and consistently throughout your article creation. When using focused keywords, you need to strike a balance so that your brand doesn’t come out as spammy. Value and relevance are crucial when you are producing content.

Focus on the quality above number when it comes to backlinks since if a search engine thinks that suspicious websites are connecting to you, it could damage your website’s reputation. Also, it’s critical to confirm that your links are coming from different domains rather than the same website since this will also have an effect on your SEO.


What is a technical SEO audit?

Technical SEO involves making modifications to your website that make it simpler for Google to crawl and index it so that it can present the appropriate content to users at the appropriate time. A technical SEO audit may look at the following issues, for example, URL structure.

When to do a SEO audit?

Given the benefits of performing an SEO audit, it’s imperative to understand that practically any time is a good time to carry one out. The timing of an SEO audit can be monthly, quarterly, or yearly. In actuality, some components of an SEO audit might be finished each week.

In general, we advise performing a thorough audit at least once every three months.

What Approach Is Better For Getting An E-commerce SEO Audit?

Your SEO analysis should start with a crawl of your eCommerce website. You can configure a number of programs to behave like the search engine, and they all simulate the crawling process. They’ll assess which technology problems require your attention.

Can I perform SEO by myself?

To increase your site’s ranking, you don’t need to work with a third party. You can do it by following the important steps mentioned in this guide.

Final Words

So, here is our complete guide to SEO audit and how to do it. We have covered all the steps in this article that you must take in this regard. It is crucial for the betterment of the website and ought to be carried out on a frequent basis. It helps you keep the website updated in accordance with the algorithms and overall health.